Happy Easter! Here’s some Wallpaper for your computer

Do you have a big monitor? Looking to change the wallpaper? Udigrudi has some wallpaper for you. Simply click on the link below for the full sized image (suitable for screens up to 4k resolution!)

Happy Easter from Udigrudi
Celebrate Easter with Udigrudi

We can also design wallpaper for your business, contact us to find out more.

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Vote Attila

Screenshot from the Vote Attila website. We also created other websites for films and projects, including the New Orleans International Human Rights film festival. Unfortunately, our version of the that website is no longer live nor is it archived. We created this using html, css, flash, photoshop and other programs. We probably would use javascript instead of flash if we were making this website today.
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Dead Germans

Dead Germans is an educational website based on the idea that each domain has it’s famous “dead Germans”: famous thinkers like Karl Marx (economics), Sigmund Freud (psychology), Friedrich Nietzsche (philosophy) and Martin Luther (founder of Lutheranism) that brought it into the contemporary era. The original website included flash animation. There is talk of it being revitalised through a crowdfunding campaign.
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Bonjour Dewi logo

Bonjour Dewi
Bonjour Dewi is a children’s animation designed to teach French. We created this logo and the characters and animations and tested them in two primary schools.
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GhostMarks CCTV logo

Ghostmarks cctv logo and nato jumper with logo.
This logo was created for a fictional “Ghost Marks cctv” company in a film. In addition to being on the Ghostmarks uniform, it also appears on Jack’s ID card (which we also designed.)
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Ptara Logo

Woman fencing standing on two skulls with word Ptara, P is a pterodactyl.
One of many logos we made for Ptara ltd, film production and history company. This logo was trademarked in 2012. More logos will be on this site soon.
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